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The Harry Potter Food & Drink Index

No idea what to make for an authentic Harry Potter feast? Never fear, the Harry Potter Food & Drink Index is here! At last, a resource that lists all of the eatables and drinkables that appear in one of our most beloved series. My God, they drink SO MUCH TEA.

Here is a list of Top 10 food and drink items that appear most frequently in the Harry Potter series:

Item: # of Appearances

1. tea: 38
2. toast: 22
3. Butterbeer: 21
4. bacon: 16
4. pumpkin juice: 16
6. wine: 13
7. Chocolate Frog: 10
7. porridge: 10
7. sausage: 10
10. bread: 9
10. cake: 9
10. chocolate: 9
10. egg: 9
10: sweet: 9

The complete Harry Potter Food & Drink index is here. Click on the different sheets (tabs at the bottom) to view the list sorted by different criteria. (A more detailed Harry Potter Food & Drink Concordance, including quotes, is now available here.)

* Please let me know if you find any errors! I didn’t have an editor, and it’s hard to catch your own mistakes. *

Yes, I recognize that the fact that I created this index makes me close to certifiably insane. But here are my excuses:

(1) I frequently reread HP. It was no hardship to go through the series again to find all the feasts!
(2) I now have a smart phone on me at all times, which makes it very easy to take quick notes while reading.
(3) I am a librarian who was trained by the brilliant Professor Steve Paling. He taught me that, as an information professional, I am on a quest for bibliographic power. I am first and foremost a youth librarian, but there is an aspiring cataloger in me too.

And for catalogers, a list of data entry rules:

  • The food or drink will be listed in the index in singular form.
  • The food or drink must be physically present in the story to be listed. The characters can’t just be talking about it. It doesn’t count if it’s only being used in a description.
  • The food or drink must be mentioned in a separate meal to warrant an entry.
  • The food or drink must be a specific dish or beverage. General meals like “feast,” “breakfast,” etc. won’t be counted for entries.
  • Potions or items that are inedible to most people, e.g. snake venom, are not counted as food/beverage.

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