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A Very Harry Christmas!

A very Harry Christmas to our fellow HP fans!

Christmas Dinner Plate
Harry had never in all his life had such a Christmas dinner. A hundred fat, roast turkeys, mountains of roast and boiled potatoes, platters of fat chipolatas; tureens of buttered peas, silver boats of thick, rich gravy and cranberry sauce. — and stacks of wizarding crackers every few feet along the table. These fantastic crackers were nothing like the feeble Muggle ones the Dursleys usually bought, with their little plastic toys and their flimsy paper hats. (Rowling UK 149, US 203)Happy Us

Under our Official British Friend (OBF) Cam’s strict supervision, we gorged ourselves on a glorious Harry Potter Christmas Feast! Admittedly, we replaced the turkey and cranberry sauce with roast chicken and gravy (and bread sauce). “That’s not authentic!” you might cry in outrage. But (1) as Americans, we’re kinda sick of turkey from just having eaten a ton for Thanksgiving, and (2) roast chicken is a legit Harry Potter dish (Books 1 & 5). So there.


Pour the Wine

  • Roast chicken & potatoes (with bread sauce)
    The dishes in front of him were now piled with food. He had never seen so many things he liked to eat on one table: roast beef, roast chicken, pork chops and lamb chops, sausages, bacon and steak, boiled potatoes, roast potatoes, chips, Yorkshire pudding, peas, carrots, gravy, ketchup, and, for some strange reason, mint humbugs …. Harry piled his plate with a bit of everything except the humbugs and began to eat. It was all delicious. (Book 1: UK 92, US 123)
  • Derek’s chipolatas
    Derek, have you had any of these chipolatas? They’re excellent.‘ (Book 3: UK 249, US 230)
  • Fred’s carrots
    Fred, George, Harry, and Ron were the only ones who knew that the angel on top of the tree was actually a garden gnome that had bitten Fred on the ankle as he pulled up carrots for Christmas dinner (Book 6: UK 309, US 329).
  • Hogwarts’ buttered peas
  • Mr Weasley’s satsumas
    ‘Mphf?’ said Mr Weasley, whose head had been nodding over the satsuma he was peeling. (Book 6: UK 310, US 330)
  • Hogwarts’ flaming Christmas pudding
    Flaming Christmas puddings followed the turkey. Percy nearly broke his teeth on a silver Sickle embedded in his slice. (Book 1: UK 150, US 203)
  • Mrs Weasley’s Christmas cake
    Mrs Weasley had sent him a scarlet jumper with the Gryffindor lion knitted on the front, also a dozen home-baked mince pies, some Christmas cake and a box of nut brittle. (Book 3: UK 241, US 222)
  • Hagrid’s eggnog
    Dumbledore led them in a few of his favourite carols, Hagrid booming more and more loudly with every goblet of eggnog he consumed. (Book 2: UK 159, US 212)
  • The Fat Lady & Violet’s wine
    [The Fat Lady] and her friend Violet drank their way through all the wine in that picture of drunk monks down by the Charms corridor.’ (Book 6: UK 329, US 359)

Featuring Christmas crackers! Okay, so they are the “feeble Muggle ones” like the Dursleys would buy, but they were new to us two, and therefore SUPER FUN. And they have corntastic jokes inside! We laughed immoderately over them.

Miko: I was mystified by how a whole paper crown would fit inside what I pictured to be a party horn. Ah, a tissue paper crown, I see!

Many thanks to Cam for leading the way, and to both her and Hildie for hosting our great feast! Happy eating to all, and to all a good night. (Sigh of contentment.)

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