Join Us, Fellow L.M. Montgomery Nerds!


We feel Facebook growing increasing passé by the second, but one thing I still sign on for is the Groups, including a fantastically in-depth discussion for Louisa May Alcott readers that we found last summer. The posts are articulate and thoughtful, and the debates are engaging and (largely) civil in a way I’ve never come across on the Internet.

Jenne and I had a fierce wish to have a similar gathering space for L.M. Montgomery readers. So despite our misgivings about the joys of moderating a Facebook Group (we hear it can be quite a thankless job), we started one! If you’re a fan of L.M. Montgomery’s writing, and you want more people to talk about the nitty-gritty details of all 8 Anne books, not to mention The Story Girl and Emily and maybe even LMM’s personal journals, our newly created A.V.I.S. (AnneVerse Interest Society) is the place for you!

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