Dahl · Danny the Champion of the World

Dad’s Parsnips


Author: Dahl, Roald
Book: Danny the Champion of the World
Difficulty rating: Harry Potter
Deliciousness rating: Acceptable

Part of Dad’s Roasted Pheasant Supper

“There are three things you must always have with roasted pheasant — breadsauce, potato chips, and boiled parsnips” (Dahl 160).

Did it measure up?

Meh. Maybe it’s because I’m not a parsnips person, but I find these totally skippable, despite Danny’s dad’s decree that you must always have them with roasted pheasant. Not that boiled parsnips are offensive, but they’re a bland vegetable cooked in the blandest of ways. I was glad Jenne’s mom made Brussels sprouts, which was a far superior side.

Recipe according to BBC Good Food’s Glossary


  • Parsnips


  1. Peel the parsnips.
  2. Cut out any fibrous parts. (We don’t know how you really know, but we cut out the middle bits of the bigger ones. They have an odd sound when cut, like wood. How appealing.)
  3. Cut into chunks and boil (15-20 minutes).


Dahl, Roald. Danny the Champion of the World. Illus. Jill Bennet. New York: Puffin Books, 1975.

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