Recipes by Difficulty

We have chosen well-known book titles to represent the levels of difficulty for making our dishes:

Green Eggs and Ham: Very Easy
You could do this without any extra tools, and it doesn’t require heating of any kind.

Harry Potter: Easy
There is a chemical process involved, but just about anyone can do it. You should be able to make this in a basic dorm kitchen.

Little Women: Medium
Basic cooking experience is required, but it’s doable with instructions. You may need equipment that’s not in the basic kitchen set.

Pride and Prejudice: Hard
You will need a tool or two that’s not available in a standard kitchen. The recipe takes sustained attention or manual dexterity, or requires cooking instincts that come with varied cooking experience.

Anna Karenina: Very Hard
It takes a really long time, maybe multiple days. The recipe requires sustained attention and specialized equipment. You may need to consult various experts. Cooking the dish becomes a project that takes strategic planning.

Ulysses: Pretty Much Impossible
You can probably only manage this dish if it’s a family recipe you’ve been making every day with your grandmother since age 4, or you are a professional chef.