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Did we mention that The Little Women Cookbook: Novel Takes on Classic Recipes from Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy, and Friends is out this October? Starting today through Christmas, we’ll be ramping up for the release of our book (and the new Greta Gerwig Little Women movie) with weekly posts. This blog series will include …

Every Food & Drink in Little Women
When the publisher approached us about writing a Little Women-themed cookbook, the immediate first step was to re-read the novel and create a Little Women Food and Drink Index and Concordance.

Little Women Story Timeline
Once the index helped us decide on the dishes we wanted to include, the next step was to set our definitive timeline of the story.

Cookbook Previews
Get a sneak peek at select recipes from our book!

Recipe Outtakes
Due to limited space, we couldn’t include all the recipes we tested, even though we truly loved some of these outtakes.

Trivia Tidbits
Here are weird factoids we learned while reading up on Victorian American cuisine.

The Annotated Bibliography
Here we extol the most important references and resources from our research process. (Hi, can you tell we’re librarians?)

Our acknowledgements are in the book too, but we want to thank those who helped us with the writing and recipe-testing process one more time online.

We’ll be keeping all of these special features on this handy page here, which we’ll update with each post.

Little Women Cover

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