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The Little Women Cookbook: Recipe References

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Historical authenticity was very important to us, and the dishes in our Little Women cookbook were based on 19th-century sources. In case a fellow nerd among you is interested, here’s a list of their references! It’s no surprise that a huge number of recipes were based on The Young Housekeeper’s Friend, the most excellent of historical cookbooks.

Recipes from The Little Women Cookbook

  • Omelet: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Ice Cream: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Wedding-Cake: Cake: The Good Housekeeper, Practical American Cookery; frosting: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Lemonade: The Good Housekeeper
  • Mutton Curry: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Bread-Pudding: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Hash: Directions for CookeryThe Good Housekeeper
  • Currant Jelly: Practical American CookeryThe Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Alamode Beef: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Summer Squash: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • String Beans: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Little Cakes: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Molasses Candy: Directions for Cookery, Practical American Cookery
  • Gingerbread Nuts: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Corned Beef: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Lobster Salad: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Boiled Potatoes: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Boiled Asparagus: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Roast Beef: Directions for Cookery, The Good Housekeeper, Practical American Cookery
  • Tomato Catsup: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Mashed Turnips: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Stewed Onions: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Dried Peach Pie: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Seed-Cakes: Modern CookeryPractical American Cookery
  • Cheese Toast: Practical American Cookery
  • Baked Squash: Little Women
  • Beef-Tea: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Boiled Chicken: The Good Housekeeper
  • Vegetable Soup: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Hot Lemonade: Practical American Cookery
  • Toast Water: Directions for Cookery
  • Apple Water: An American Frugal Housewife
  • Pickled Limes: Modern CookeryMrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management, Practical American Cookery
  • Apple Jelly: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Roast Chicken: Chicken: Practical American Cookery; drawn butter: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Cold Tongue Sandwiches: Tongue: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend; French rolls: Directions for Cookery
  • White Mountain Cake: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Raspberry Ice Cream: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • French Chocolate: Practical American CookeryThe Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Quenelles de volaille au consommé: Le calendrier gastronomique
  • Saumons au beurre de Montpellier: The Art of French CookeryLe cuisinier royal, La cuisine classique
  • Fonds d’artichauts à l’italienne: The Art of French Cookery, Le calendrier gastronomique
  • Charlotte Russe: The Modern Cook, The Royal Parisian Pastrycook and Confectioner, Le Cuisinier Royal
  • Blanc-Mange: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Peach Pickles: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Pink Ice Cream: Practical American Cookery
  • White Ice Cream: Practical American Cookery
  • Federal Cake: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • French Bonbons: Nouveau manuel complet du confiseur et du chocolatierThe Royal English and Foreign Confectioner
  • Potato Rolls: Tit-Bits
  • Potted Ham: Miss Leslie’s Lady’s New Receipt-Book
  • Cucumbers: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Pickled Eggs: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Pound Cake: Directions for Cookery
  • Turn-Overs: The Improved Housewife, The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Cale-Cannon: Directions for Cookery
  • Coffee: The Good Housekeeper
  • Good Family Bread: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Fish-Balls: Practical American Cookery
  • Buckwheat Cakes: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Muffins: Seventy-Five Receipts for Pastry, Cakes, and Sweetmeats, The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Gruel: The American Frugal Housewife
  • Turkey: Directions for Cookery; gravy: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Plum-Pudding: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Cranberry Jelly: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Biscuits: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Gingerbread: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend, Miss Leslie’s Lady’s New Receipt-Book
  • Tarts: Practical American Cookery, Miss Leslie’s Lady’s New Receipt-Book
  • Ham Pie: Directions for Cookery
  • Cookies: The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
  • Tea: Directions for Cookery, The Good Housekeeper, The Little Women Treasury, Practical American Cookery

Historical Cookbooks Consulted

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F. J. Mason, 1834.

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What Shall We Eat? A Manual for Housekeepers. New York: G. P. Putnam & Son, 1868.

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