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The Little Women Cookbook: Acknowledgments


A Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate! Today, we would like to conclude our Little Women Cookbook Blog Series with an expression of gratitude to the many kind souls who have helped us with our book.

As librarians, we are obviously big fans of books, but we never expected to write one ourselves. And because we’re newbie authors, it took the support of a whole village of friends, family, and kind strangers to complete this project, which is very dear to our hearts.

First, we would be remiss if we didn’t thank our editor and publisher, Casie Vogel and Ulysses Press, for entrusting this book to us — it has been a great honor as well as a joy to work on. We are grateful too to Lilly Ghahremani, our literary agent, for her invaluable guidance.

We would like to recognize the librarians, historians, and researchers who generously responded with enthusiasm and expertise when we contacted them out of the blue for advice: Michael Krondl, Helen Zoe Veit, Leslie Wilson, Erica J. Peters, Megan Elias, Valérie Dugas, Valérie Ammirati, Véronique Jira, and Loïc Bienassis.

We are also very grateful to our friends who helped us with the writing process; their assistance included but was not limited to: searching for resources, editing, testing and tasting recipes (even the weird ones), consulting as fellow fans of the novel, trying the many iterations of the personality quiz, and translating messages and information between English and French. Thank you to Beston Barnett, Erik Bergstrom, Vicki Bergstrom, Haley Bochler, Susan Del Castillo, Molly Fischer, Jenn Frohlich (whose name we misspelled in print — shame on us, considering we see it on GroupMe literally every day), Janet Gastil, Sarah Hiller-Venegas, Michael Ho, Hildie Kraus, Jennifer Lawson, Katherine Matlack, Matt Meola, Hannah O’Neill, Sara Nielsen, Chisato Osada, Sarah Parylak, Lessa Pelayo-Lozada, Erin Pitts, Ramona Price, Phil Shopoff, Laurie Stein, Liz Vagani, Howie Wang, Alli Wilson, Nick Wilson, Laura Yamaguchi, and especially Whitney McBride-Carlson and Jamie Wilger. We also unwittingly left out Declan Fleming from the print acknowledgements — we are so grateful to you for smoking that beef tongue!

And we would like to thank you for reading our Little Women Cookbook Blog Series. We are likely to write and cook at a much slower pace in 2020, but we hope to see you back here again soon!



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