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Anne of Green Gables Menu Ideas

Marilla Brings Plum Pudding

In need of a menu for an Anne-themed party? If you’re searching for a bill of fare that’s straight from the books, look no further! Each is paired with ideas to recreate the spirit of the meal from the scene.


Anne Readies Tea

Tragic Tea with Diana
Anne of Green Gables: Chapter 16

Fruit Cake
Cherry Preserves
Raspberry Cordial
Currant Wine
Play Diana’s Roulette by pouring the raspberry cordial and currant wine into unmarked glasses and drinking at random!

Mrs. Barry’s Elegant Tea for Anne
Anne of Green Gables: Chapter 18

Fruit Cake
Pound Cake
Two Kinds of Preserves
Need to apologize to someone? No better way than to inundate them with Victorian baked goods! Make sure to use your very best china set.

Marilla at the Church Picnic

Tea for the Allans
Anne of Green Gables: Chapter 21
Baking-Powder Biscuits
Jellied Chicken
Cold Tongue
Red Jelly
Yellow Jelly
Whipped Cream
Lemon Pie
Cherry Pie
Three Kind of Cookies
Fruit Cake
Yellow Plum Preserves
Pound Cake
Layer Cake
New Bread
Old Bread
When you invite the most important family in town to tea, you have to go all out. Hopefully, you won’t accidentally swap cold medicine in for vanilla when you’re mixing up the cake.

Miss Lavender’s Tea Party
Anne of Avonlea: Chapter 21
Sponge Cake
Make a feast for just yourself and your roommate. Wear a fancy dress, preferably with roses printed on it. Friends may drop in unexpectedly and partake, but even if they don’t, eat everything up before bed.

Tea with Mrs. Douglas
Anne of the Island: Chapter 32

Cold Tongue
Strawberry Preserves
Lemon Pie
Chocolate Cake
Raisin Cookies
Pound Cake
Fruit Cake
Caramel Pie
Invite a family member’s partner and their friend over to tea and serve them an impossible amount of food.

Miss Cornelia’s State Tea
Anne’s House of Dreams: Chapter 10

Every Kind of Pie You Can Think of (Except Lemon Pie)
Even though you’re making a gajillion pies, only invite two other people.


Hotel Concert 1

Hotel Concert Supper
Anne of Green Gables: Chapter 33
Chicken Salad
Ice Cream
Emulate Anne by donning a dress of white organdy, with a little rose in your hair, and wow everyone with a recitation … or do as a rich American does, and “spend your summer at a hotel and wear jewels and low-necked dresses and have ice cream and chicken salad every blessed day.” (I definitely prefer the latter.)

Anne’s Golden Picnic
Anne of Avonlea: Chapter 13

Little Jelly Tarts
Lady Fingers
Drop Cookies Frosted with Pink & Yellow Icing
Buttercup Cake
Celebrate spring on a warm, sunshiny May day by going for a hike in the woods with your friends. Pack the daintiest things possible and eat in the prettiest spot you can find. Bonus points for dancing around a pool like wood nymphs. 

Cake, Pie, Salad

Aunt Mary Maria’s Birthday Party
Anne of Ingleside: Chapter 14
Cream Soup
Chicken Salad
Ice Cream
Four Cakes, including Fruit Cake & Orange-Frosted Cocoanut Cake
Throw a party for an unwanted houseguest, lol. Make sure to beautify the table with your “prettiest dishes and the exotic beauty of white and purple iris.” When the guest finally leaves, treat yourself to a fried steak with onions.

Jem’s Rainbow Valley Feast
Rainbow Valley: Chapter 3
Fried Trout
Clover Honey
Spruce Gum
Beech Nuts
Fresh Water
If you have Jem’s wilderness survival skills (which I do not), hunt and gather everything except the bread. Use newspaper for a tablecloth.


Marilla's Peas

Anne’s Menu for Mrs. Charlotte E. Morgan
Anne of Avonlea: Chapter 16
Cream-of-Onion Soup
Roast Fowl
Bread Sauce
Green Peas with a Spoonful of Sugar
Creamed Potatoes
Lettuce Salad
Lemon Pie with Whipped Cream
Lady Fingers
Hold this dinner in honor of your favorite author and wear a white muslin dress. Invite the author too, and hope they show up.

Davy’s Thanksgiving
Anne of the Island: Chapter 17

Mince Pie
Rost Turkey
Frut Cake
Choklut Cake
Eat so much that you feel like you might die. Oh wait, that’s what we always do for TG.

A Bang-Up Dinner for Dr. Lennox Carter
Anne of Windy Poplars: Chapters 9 & 10

Roast Chicken
Horseradish Sauce
Orange Custard
Serve this dinner when you want to impress a family member’s new significant other.

Anne’s First Christmas Dinner
Anne’s House of Dreams: Chapter 15

Christmas Goose
Plum Pudding
Invite your family and close friends, and follow dinner with lots of fun banter and stories around the fireplace.

Aunt Martha’s Doubtful Dinner
Rainbow Valley: Chapter 5

Cold Boiled Mutton
I’m not sure why you’d want to recreate anything Aunt Martha would make, unless it’s to make a more delicious version of it, but I’m genuinely curious to try boiled mutton. If you want to skip ditto, you could have roast beef (make sure to badly underdo it) or a poor roast pet rooster.


Miss Minerva’s Bedtime Snack
Anne of Windy Poplars: Chapter 10

Cinnamon Toast
Spend the night in a creepy old house that’s chock-full of family history. Tell gruesome true stories and play parchesi by the fire. Drink the cocoa out of old cups of marvelous thinness and beauty. Bonus points if it’s pouring cats and dogs. 

Walter’s Tuck-In
Anne of Ingleside: Chapter 10
Golden-Brown Toast
Monkey-Face Cookies
Hot Milk
Have this comforting snack when something’s been worrying you terribly and you’re finally safe. You deserve it.

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  1. I love this! I notice that, excepting one menu, vegetables are sadly lacking, lol! Guess they weren’t as important to mention as all the cakes and pies!


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